Game Walkthrough

This is the walkthrough page for Devil May Cry 4. Here, I will only go through the basic combat skills in Devil May Cry 4 so that you can at least progress through the game. For advanced combat skills, please check out donguri990's channel in Youtube by clicking here. For the story walkthrough, try checking Devil May Cry Wiki Fandom by clicking here.


The first thing in this game you need to learn is to dodge. When fighting enemies, a style rank will appear on the side of the monitor. It shows your stylish points which is basically your score in the game. When being attacked by an enemy, your stylish points will decrease considerably, ending your highscore. To avoid that from happening, you have to either dodge or parry the enemy's attack. But parrying an enemy's attack is an advanced skill and requires a lot of skills to perform it. When an enemy is attacking, jumping upwards will give you a second or two of invulnerability which you can use to block all enemy attacks. Time the jump correctly so you don't get hit while jumping.

Chaining combos

To get a high style rank, such as S rank, you will need to chain together a series of attacks, forming a combo. However, using the same combo will become repetitive and your style rank will stay the same instead of increasing. To counter that, use other combos such as switching from sword attacks to gun attacks. You can also chain the attacks with devil bringer which allows you to throw your foes to the ground, doing significant damage to them. The devil bringer may not work as intended if the enemy, is not in its vulnerable state(after many attacks, enemies will be in their vulnerable state).

Blocking attacks

When you cannot dodge an attack in time, it is crucial to use the royal guard style to negate the damage taken. The royalguard style is really useful as it can block any attack. However, you have to time the blocks correctly to avoid being hit by the enemies. By pressing the down button, you will be able to use the royalguard style.

Nero's Skill Set

# Red Queen Combo Blue Rose Devil Bringer Yamato Abilities
Red Queen Combo A
Normal Shot
Devil Trigger
Side Roll
RB + left or right
Red Queen Combo B
Y, pause, Y Y
Charge Shot
push X
RB + B
Summoned Swords
(works only during Devil Trigger)

Table Hopper
RB + left or right + A
Red Queen Combo C
Y Y, pause, Y
push B
Maximum Bet
RB + back + Y + B
Kick Jump
A + A
Red Queen Combo D
Y Y Y, pause, Y
RB + front + Y + B
Air Hike
A in the air

Dante's Skill Set

# # # # #